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The Czech Republic is being taken by storm by Mr. Globetrotter himself, Konstantin Ruchadze, who has lived and performed in six different countries.

At the end of the sixties, a music group calling itself Ruchadze Band emerged at the Strahov Student Club 1, then the most Western-oriented music club in Communist Czechoslovakia. With a very successful formula of Soul and Blues classics they were immensely popular with the Czech music audience. After the Warsaw-Pact armies occupied reform-willing Czechoslovakia, the band was forced to decide whether to change the musical direction or face a performance ban. This situation resulted in a splitting of the band. Some of the members chose to live in exile in the free West and others continued to live in Czechoslovakia accompanying officially accepted singers.

The leader of the band, Konstantin Ruchadze, emigrated and lived in Austria (where he played with Peter Wolf - keyboard-player with Frank Zappa and today famous producer), Spain (where he was a welcomed musical guest at Salvador Dali's home) and finally in Holland, where he continues to live in the capital city of Amsterdam. Along with his own very successful projects, The Goblet Band and Hot Bolshevik (fusion, jazz, funk, r&b) he has performed there with stars of the Dutch music-scene including Jan Akkerman (legendary guitarist of the world-famous Dutch band Focus, who in 1973 was chosen as world's best lead guitarist) and Candy Dulfer (world-famous saxophone player with Prince).

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Konstantin and the rest of the old band came together and decided to return to their common music-roots to continue on the adventurous path of creativity for which the band was known. The overwhelming public reaction to the first concerts was the motivation to stay on course. Currently the band has undergone some personal changes including great young talent, revitalizing the band's image to establish links to a youthful audience. This new phase in the band's current history they decided to name "Amsterdam Beyond". More so because almost all Konstantin's compositions and arrangements were made in and under influence of the melting pot of that most cosmopolitan city of the world.

Amsterdam Beyond is the sole and unique force on the Czech music-scene uncompromisingly following the way of creativity and openness towards global music developments.

Check out their incredible latest albums "Around the World in Space and Time", "Adventurer" - it's worth it!!!

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KONSTANTIN RUCHADZE  /  vocal, guitar  


LUKAS MARTINEK  /  lead guitar   [myspace.com]

New hope of the Czech guitar scene. Play with - Yvonne Sanchez, Alice Springs Blues Band and The Crossroads.

JAN STEINSDÖRFER /  keyboards   [myspace.com]

Pianist, keyboardist, composer, producer and youngest member of Ruchadze Band. He graduate composition of Jaroslav Jezek?s Conservatory. Current projects: Ewa Farna band, debut CD of czech band Hitfakers, music for commercials. Previously collaborated with Michal Pavlicek, Varhan Orchestrovic Bauer, Sixin.

MAREK EICHLER  /  bass   [myspace.com]

Youngest member of the group. Since 2000 studying bass guitar at the Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek in Prague. Current collaborations: Mr. Cocoman and Solid Vybez, Ivan Hajnis, Charlie Slavik, Divadlo ABC. Former collaboration with Lester Jackman (Trinidad / Tobago), Sir Jay, Johan Riedenlow (Sweden)

LEON KEMPER  /  guitar   [–]

Top guitarist from Amsterdam, The Netherlands who played with many established artists and cellebrities from the Dutch music-scene...

PETR EICHLER  /  drums   [myspace.com]

Founding member of Ruchadze Band, graduate of Jaroslav Jezek´s Conservatory, studio player with credits including Shut Up group ( V. Sodoma, J. Schelinger ), Apollobeat of J. Spaleny; played with J. Korn, A. Gondolan, member of the last band of Peter Novak´s George & Beatovens. Played with K. Kahovec, V. Sodoma G & B, I. Hajnis Blues Band, Highway 61, Taknatudu.