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Be ware of the upcoming gigs from Ruchadze Band - Amsterdam Beyond on Januari 18th at 't Oude Pothuys Utrecht, Oude Gracht 279, 22.30 en on Januari 19th at the North Sea Jazz Club, Amsterdam, Westergasfabriek, Pazzanistr. 1, 13.30. Come and give us some support!! Thanks…

Newest cd-project of Konstantin Ruchadze: "Upstream Hermit" is out!!!!! Participation of top Dutch, German, American, Cuban and Czech artists is a guarantee for a high-level-entertainment. Great compositions, arrangements...a real music adventure...It is non-commercial project so please support it by buying a cd. Thank you! Ruchadze Band - Amsterdam Beyond
Finally we are done!!! Our latest double cd project „Around the World in Space and Time“ was released in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on February 21…54 top musicians and singers from 13 different countries worldwide, 700 studio-hours between November 2009 and January 2011, recorded in Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Spain, mixed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and mastered in Berlin, Germany…and that all has resulted into the immense sonic sculpture of planetary dimensions - a saga, a raga, a tale, en epos….that will make us all happy for years to come….
At that very moment we are trying to organize a live presentation of this music in Prague including radio and TV presentation and so we are looking for some funds to bring 20 musicians from Georgia, The Netherlands, Slovakia and Czech Rerublic to perform together on stage and facilitate their stay during that happening. So if you want to support us or you know somebody who can and will do so – you are welcome and we will be really thankful to you… it´s worth it! All the details necessary you can receive through this site and of course you can buy here the cd…
Check out this site!!! http://www.jango.com/music/Ruchadze+Band +Amsterdam+Beyond
We are currently regularly air-played on american Jango Radio.
Give us your vote and become our fan. Buy our cd's thru our
sites www.kostjamusic.com and www.ruchadzeband.com
and buy our mp3 on the iTunes and Happy New Year 2011!!!!
We are invited to join the major jazz festival at Policka as a main act at the end of the second festival day on April 18th 2009.